Beguiling Basement

Just beneath your primary living space, there is an opportunity to expand your home and create the perfectly finished beguiling basement. It could be many things: a rec room, a bar, another bedroom, kitchen, or office space. Although not typically included in the square footage of a home, the basement allows for expansion and growth! This often-underused space can be customized to fit whatever need you are seeking. Our clients imagined a retreat from the everyday complete with a bar, lounging area and a lot of emotion and swag. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

 Beguiling Basement or Bar?


beguiling basement 2

When descending down into this hidden away recovery zone, it’s easy to think you’ve just been teleported to your favorite cocktail bar or speakeasy. A moody color pallet of comforting and cocooning tones is enhanced with brassy reflective furnishings and hardware. Upon entering you are greeted by a modern bar lounge seating area; almost beckons you over— suggesting a waitress may arrive at any minute to take your order. Being drawn further into the space, your eye is enticed to take in all the lavish and rich finishes of the bar alcove that serves as the backdrop.

The saturated blue cabinetry is embellished with decorative crimped metal mesh panel fronts, a custom bistro look glass and brass chic hanging shelfing unit above and backed with an expansive antiqued glass mirror that makes it seems like this experience goes on forever. One might expect this to be it, yet so much more is left to be revealed in this underground great escape.

Beguiling Basement: Substructure or Sanctuary?

basement remodel


The detail and character are uninterrupted as you move into the next lounging space. Continuing with the rich accent color and extravagant gold hardware, built-in cabinets are designed to house an extensive record collection and, of course, the TV for additional relaxation and viewing.  Nestled behind the entertainment zone is an additional secret tiny room, adding just a little more drink storage and shelving.

basement bar

For the purpose of showing the immense details of this haven, the photography was captured with lighting at its fullest.  Now, imagine these spaces with all the layered lighting (much of which is designed specifically to bounce light, not to saturate light) on dimming controllers.  Suddenly, the speakeasy we mentioned earlier is brought to full life.

If you have an unfinished dwelling that desperately needs someone to breathe some life into it, NJW Renovations Unlimited is the one for the job. With a vast portfolio of projects, and great working relationships with designers and architects, we can help add life to your basement and your home. Now is a great time to remodel, so contact us to get things started!