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It’s no secret that since 2020, the construction and remodel industry has faced many challenges and obstacles. The labor force took a hit, the manufacturers fell behind, supply chain from various parts of the country and the world, were impacted and slowed. While all this was happening, a generous spike in remodeling projects happened as individuals wanted the perfect home to shelter in place, work, and spend time with family.

As a result, projects were taking longer, compromises on alternate design options were necessary, and the pricing of materials was inconsistent and sometimes alarming. As we look back on this trying time for our company AND our clients, we couldn’t be happier to announce that NOW, in the present, is a stable and safe time to renovate or remodel your home.

State of the Industry: A Great Time to Remodel

A Great Time to Remodel windows

Living Room

As the world rises above the detriments of the Covid-19 pandemic, our lives have changed, but are seemingly “back to normal.” The way we live, and work has evolved in some cases, and the idea of what is truly important has made its way back to the forefront of our minds. Having and living in a home that you love, and your family can work, and play is a priority for most families and homeowners. This is why we are cautiously optimistic and excited to exclaim that now is a perfect time to remodel your home.

Inventory and supply chain issues are currently stable, allowing clients to not only get the hardware, materials, and design details they want and love, but also allows us to provide a more accurate timeline of construction. During the height of the pandemic, we were left with unknown delivery dates and times, causing our projects to take longer and in some cases remain stagnant until supplies were restored—but not anymore.

In addition to the now functional supply chain, pricing has remained stable and is not increasing as it was a few years ago. As with any business or struggling economy this could change, but the stability of costs has been consistent and steady, allowing our clients to be confident in their investment.

A Great Time to Remodel: Are you Ready to Remodel?

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Because of the current state of the industry, and the difficult home buyers’ market, we recommend that now is a great time to start your renovation or remodel. Have you been daydreaming about an additional living space? That perfect in-home office? Or that updated beautiful kitchen or bath? The time to get your dream project started is now, and NJW Renovations Unlimited is here to help guide you, reimagine your home, and turn it into a reality.

Our process allows open communication, brainstorming, options and ideas, as well as accurate estimates to help you prepare for your investment.

The NJW Construction Process:

  1. Initial Consult: fact finding, sharing our mission, expectations of our TEAM – 1 hour
    1. We will listen to, absorb, and interpret the homeowner’s preliminary vision
    2. We will gather project-specific logistical details
    3. We will discuss any foreseen obstacles restricting or limiting the homeowners’ desired outcome and, if applicable, will share possible unforeseen concerns that might need considered.
    4. We will explain our process, as well as what is unique about our TEAM
  2. Initial Budget Review
    1. We will present a budget with specific details
    2. If the client is satisfied with the content of the budget summary, the next step is signing the retainer agreement
    3. We will work hand-in-hand with the client to develop a conceptual project blueprint
    4. As a TEAM, various reviews and checks and balances will further define and refine project requirements and client desires
  3. Estimate and Selection
    1. As a TEAM, we will finalize product selections
    2. We will evaluate and re-generate the contract price based on finalized renderings and selections
  4. Contract Signing
    1. We will review any revision since the last meeting and present final contract price and review all parts together as a TEAM

If we learned anything over these last few years, it is that no one can predict what will happen next. Being prepared and ready for the unknown and unexpected is hard, but what we do know is that we have seen more consistency in the construction industry allowing us to do our jobs better and allowing our clients to prepare better. Have you been thinking about investing in a renovation or remodel?  Our TEAM of talented carpenters and project managers are eager to talk with you and work with you. We encourage questions, provide transparency, and communicate regularly through the entire remodeling process. Please visit our website for more information and to view galleries, pricing guides, and to contact us directly. Now’s the time to invest in your home!