Designing and constructing to pamper and provide harmony, our NJW skilled tradesmen create sanctuaries in our clients once ordinary bathrooms.

Bathroom remodel by NJW Construction


When what you want is a showcase gathering space and what you get has bonus perks that save you time and energy during food prep…that is the magic of NJW.

Kitchen Remodel by NJW Construction


Whether the need is additional space for kids to safely rumble inside or a 4-Season room to escape the craziness of life, NJW has created those havens for others. What dream can we bring to fruition for you?

Additions by NJW Construction


When your interior remodel extends beyond the walls of a single room, NJW welcomes this conversation and adventure. Your personal home remodeling superhero team is ready to swoop in to save the day.

Interior shot of home remodeled by NJW Construction


We love our interiors, but periodically the exterior needs a little love, as well. When your addition ideas spill over to the exterior NJW is ready to put the same energy level and love for interiors to work on the exterior.

Exterior home remodel NJW Construction