Laundry Room Addition

Do you enjoy doing laundry? (Maybe your answer would be YES if you have a new laundry room addition). Depending on your home, you may lug large baskets into a dreary, unfinished basement. Or you can try to find space behind the accordion closet doors that house your washer and dryer. It’s no wonder we dislike doing laundry when these are the conditions we face.

Room additions are a popular way to increase value, add space, and improve functionality. Laundry room additions have proven incredibly beneficial for homeowners craving this dedicated space. Say goodbye to cramped spaces and disorganized clutter with an addition customized for this chore. Create a multifunctional space by adding a mudroom or pet grooming and feeding station, maximizing the potential of your new laundry room.

Why an Addition?

Laundry addition

It’s no surprise that adding a laundry room increases the value of your home. Homebuyers list a dedicated laundry room as necessary when purchasing a home, as it has become a staple in new builds. Many homes transitioned from basement laundry to 2nd-floor closet laundry, boosting convenience and location; however, these closets proved loud and constricted. Investing in an addition for your laundry room allows you to dictate the location and design, catering to your lifestyle and maximizing convenience.

Determining the Perfect Location for Your Laundry Room Addition

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Functionality and convenience are significant factors in deciding a location for your laundry room. You want sufficient space to include all your necessities. For example, do you want built-in shelving for storage? A folding counter? Utility Sink? Storage for hampers or baskets? Create your list of must-haves and consider the best location to accommodate all your needs.

Settled next to kitchen areas and with access to the outdoors, first-floor laundry rooms are the most popular. With proximity to enough ventilation and existing plumbing lines, off-the-kitchen laundry rooms are sought after.

However, some homeowners prefer a second-floor laundry room to avoid the physical aspects of lugging laundry up and down stairs, the convenience of location, and the overall functionality. If your room is upstairs, this can be a must-have condition that you don’t want to give up. Generally, a second-floor addition of any type requires more labor and cost. Work closely with your contractor and architect to find a good location for your second-floor laundry oasis.

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Getting Ready for Your Laundry Room Addition

When you have decided to move forward on your laundry room addition, preparing, understanding the process, and considering all aspects of your addition are vital in getting the most out of your project. Things to consider:

  • Cost & Budget. Setting a realistic budget for your plans is an important place to start with any project. The cost of a laundry room addition varies depending on the location, materials, labor, square footage, and other variables. Working with an experienced and trusted contractor gives you a realistic understanding of how much you will spend on your desired design.
  • Electrical & Plumbing needs. When deciding on a location for your laundry room addition, consider the need for plumbing and electrical work. In some cases, plumbing can be relocated; however, in others, you will need to start from scratch.
  • Ventilation. Laundry rooms require adequate ventilation to allow for airflow. Decreasing the vent pipe length outside the home will maximize this airflow. A self-closing exhaust vent will also help keep outside air from flowing inside. An inside vent (like what is in your bathroom) will assist in keeping the room dry and discourage mold from growing.

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