The NJW Construction Process

1 – We will listen to, absorb, and interpret the homeowner’s preliminary vision

2 – We will gather project-specific logistical details

3 – We will discuss any foreseen obstacles restricting or limiting the homeowners’ desired outcome and, if applicable, will share possible unforeseen concerns that might need considered.

4 – We will explain our process, as well as what is unique about our TEAM

This fact-finding/sharing mission is designed to prepare NJW for the next line of communication with our potential client, but also designed to enlighten potential clients about who NJW is and what one can expect from our team. We will request a minimum of one hour of your time to fully accomplish said task.

1 – We will present a budget with specific details 

2 – If the Client is satisfied with the content of the budget summary, the next step is signing a Retainer Agreement   

3 – We will work hand-in-hand with the Client to develop a conceptual project blueprint 

4 – As a TEAM, various reviews and checks and balances will further define and refine project requirements and Client desires 

1 – As a TEAM, we will finalize product selections 

2 – We will evaluate and re-generate the contract price based on finalized renderings and selections

1 – We will review any revision since the last meeting and present final contract price 

2 – As a TEAM, we will sign the Contract Agreement 

3 – As a TEAM, we will review the Selection Summary 

4 – As a TEAM, we will review any In-House 3-D generated plans 

5 – As a TEAM, we will review the timeline and start date