Spring Cleaning 101

When do we start to think about Spring Cleaning & Organizing? In Central Ohio, the anticipation of spring seems to begin somewhere around early February. Cold weather and long winters can drag us down as we daydream of warmer temperatures, long outdoor walks, and the ability to leave bulky winter coats and hats behind. When these warmer days arrive, windows fly open, kids appear running around outside, and our energy and motivation seem to triple. Hand in hand with this newfound motivation to be productive comes the yearly task of spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning & Organizing 101:

Shake the House

Spring cleaning originated in the Persian culture 3,000 years ago with a spring tradition called “Khaneh Tekani.” This practice of sweeping up dust and removing clutter translates to “shaking the house” and was thought to prevent ill-fortune for the upcoming year. Sometimes, as we take on this big task of “shaking the house,” it is hard to know where to start. We put together some easy-to-follow strategies to get you started. As you put these strategies into action, remember the top two areas of focus; 1) tasks that will make your life easier and more organized and 2) deep cleaning of neglected areas.

  1. Tackle one room at a time and one project in that room at a time. Breaking up each task by room and section or project gives you an area of focus and purpose. Once each task is complete, move on to the next one until you are ready to take it to the next room.
  2. Divide up larger chores into smaller initiatives. When it comes to the big tasks like washing walls and baseboards, complete it by sections of the home and day, allowing you a start time and end time without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Plan around your available time. Don’t take on a chore that you don’t have the time to complete. Instead, save it for another day when time allows. Starting a task and leaving it unfinished can diminish your motivation.
  4. Organize as you go. As you move through rooms, be proactive in creating organization. Make sure everything you keep has a place and a system that will benefit you and your family.

Spring Cleaning & Organizing 101:

Be a “Type A” Spring Cleaner

Spring Cleaning pantry

Still feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start or what to do? Not everyone is “type A” but when it comes to spring cleaning, we can learn a few things from this personality type. Making a list is a good place to start, making sure that you have every chore and task outlined so nothing will get overlooked.

Declutter and Organize

Spring Cleaning Organization

As mentioned in #4 above, the major benefit of cleaning is also organizing. This is the time to purge unwanted and unused items in the home. Create space, declutter, and give every household item a place that it belongs. Here are some good tips on what to purge as you clean:

  • Expired items (medication, makeup, food, toiletries)
  • Clothing and shoes that don’t fit or are never worn
  • Toys with missing pieces or don’t get used
  • Old mail and/or paper items that take up space
  • Broken items (chargers, cords, electronics, etc.)
  • Household items that you don’t use (makeup, toiletries, bedding, pillows, supplies, kitchen utensils, etc.)

For items that no longer get use, consider donating to various organizations around Central Ohio, knowing your no-longer-needed items could bring others joy.

Organize It!

With the items you do keep, it’s time to ORGANIZE! Making sure that items are easy to access, easy to find, and look good, are three key elements to organizing. There are a lot of organizing products out there to help keep things tidy and contained, but don’t get caught up in purchasing a lot of organizing accessories that are not needed. For example, keeping things nicely folded and organized by item in the linen closet is easy to do and you don’t need bins for each item as that can cause clutter in the closet. Instead, buy bins for things like small toys, balls, or smaller loose items.

Closet Organization

As you finish your Spring cleaning and you have successfully “shook your home,” you may find the need for some cosmetic fixes and storage solutions and that is where we can help! NJW Renovations Unlimited looks at every project as a new opportunity for function, including layout and storage solutions. Take your home to the next level with a custom-made closet or built-ins that look amazing and provide a home for your things. We would love to help you maintain your organization by constructing assets to your home that look great and provide purpose. Call today to learn more!