Ways to amplify function, storage, and style in your small bathroom.

It sometimes feels like a small bathroom is such a big project. Finding ways to create function, storage, and style in your small bathroom can seem impossible. However, smaller bathrooms have untapped potential to be charming, detailed, AND functional if you just reimagine some design techniques.

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Adding Function & Space

Have a full bath that feels more like a half bath? Getting ready for the day in a small full bath can feel cramped and uncomfortable. If you are lacking the space to expand the square footage of your bathroom, but need it to feel bigger and function better, there are ways to maximize the space you have and add flow.

  1. Floating furniture. Consider adding a floating sink and floating shelves to the space that mounts directly on the wall. Functional, appealing to the eye, and space saving—these floating features help add to that open space that you are craving.
  2. Rethink your swinging doors. Replacing swinging doors with a pocket door eliminates hardware and saves a lot of space at the entrance to your small bathroom or if you have a closet in the space.
  3. [Hidden] built-in cabinets. If you’re able, creating a built-in cabinet that is either open or hidden with a solid enclosure saves space, creates storage and is aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Install lights that elongate. When choosing the lighting for your small bathroom, think long and mounted on the mirror or wall. Using sconces or vertical light rods will draw the eye up, causing the ceiling to appear higher and therefore, the room.
  5. Use tile to your advantage. Tile can do a lot for a small bathroom. Choosing a vertical long tile can add length to your bathroom just like the vertical lighting mentioned above. Another way to maximize space is to tile the entire bathroom and use all waterproof materials so if anything gets wet, it’s no problem. Installing a central drain and removing shower doors makes your small full bath a large spacious shower!
  6. Install glass shower doors. If you do want to keep your shower separate from the rest of your small bathroom, installing glass shower doors is a great way to add to the illusion of space. Clear and sleek, they open up the bathroom and create a bigger feeling for the entire space.
  7. Shower niches for storage. Another way to add function to the shower is by having built-in shower niches for shampoo, razors, soap, and other shower necessities. Increasingly popular in small and large bathrooms alike, these niches add to style just as much as they do function.
  8. Consider a skylight. Adding a skylight to your small bathroom will not only help gain space but add additional natural light to your bathroom!

Adding Style

In addition to creating more space or the illusion of space with the design of your small bathroom, there are ways to decorate and style your space to make it feel bigger, open, and even roomy. Designing a small space may seem like an easier task, but be careful—some design choices, although beautiful, can minimize the feel of the space.

  1. Pick the right palette. When painting, and picking out fixtures, sinks, tile, and hardware, make sure that your palette works well toward your goal—maximizing the space of your bathroom. Choosing either an all-white/light color palette OR an all dark/moody palette will make it feel bigger. Also, make sure to use high-gloss paint to reflect light and amplify space!
  2. Work with the roof lines. If your small bathroom has a slanted ceiling due to the roof line, embrace it! Play with the drama of the lines and introduce more hard lines through tile, wall hangings, lighting, and décor.
  3. Mix materials. Mixing materials may not necessarily create space, but it does highlight creativity and uniqueness. Mixing natural woods with more modern tiles and brass hardware is just one example of taking several styles and mixing them into one charming space.
  4. Add a large mirror. By installing a larger mirror on one wall of your small bathroom, you will notice that the room suddenly feels larger. Consider one that runs from wall to wall OR even have one entire wall be a mirror from ceiling to floor. You won’t believe the way it creates the feeling of space!
  5. Create Curves. By incorporating the wave or curvy theme in your bathroom, you can gain back space in your small bathroom. Curved corners on furniture, mirrors, lighting, and vanities prove that small amounts of missed space can make a big impact.


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There are so many ways to make your small powder room or full bath feel bigger and more spacious when you decide to remodel. At NJW Renovations Unlimited, we offer years of experience and a portfolio of ideas to create your perfect and tailored small bathroom. From fixtures to layout to design, we can tackle this project alongside you, providing comfort and confidence in achieving your end goal. Visit our online galleries for inspiration and contact us to get your project started!