We know change can be intimidating or scary sometimes…but changing up your paint colors shouldn’t be! NJW, your Columbus, Ohio remodeling company isn’t afraid to try new things, it’s just paint after all!

Now, we do agree that some colors will stand the test of time more than others! With that being said, even if you choose a bold popular color that doesn’t mean you cannot change it down the road to the next color you desire. We think that when it comes to paint, personal choice is important. Some colors evoke certain feelings in people, and that color may speak to them at the time.

If you aren’t partial and want to know what colors transcend any trends and remain classic, meaning they will stand the test of time, we are here to help! Here are some of our favorites:

Pale Griege-

Greige works well because it includes both of the basic neutrals. Some options we like: Sherwin Williams Dot to Dot, Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray and Sherwin-Williams’s Pacer White.


White is, of course, always a good paint choice, because it feels elegant, fresh and clean. Some of our favorite whites include Sherwin Williams Marshmallow, and for cabinets, Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

Navy blue

Blues are soothing, and navy has a classic sense to it that complements almost all hard and soft furnishings. It looks good with warm browns and cool whites. It works in historic homes and ultra-modern spaces. It’s a color you can leave on the wall for years while other things around it change.

Some favorite Navy paints are: Sherwin Williams Naval and Dark night, Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy and PPG’s Cavalry.

Complex cream

Although white is generally a safe classic, if it doesn’t suit your architecture, furnishings or light, it will look off. One solution is complex cream —beiges that read creamy but with either a yellow, green, orange or pink undertone. To choose the right shade, keep context in mind. Most fabrics and carpets are better complemented by off-white, cream or greige than a crisp white. Some great options:  Benjamin Moore’s Feather Down and Sherwin-Williams’s Casa Blanca and Divine White.


Green, reminding us of nature, has soothed us through the centuries.

Gray medium-green tones conjure up subdued soothing feelings, which are perfect for bathrooms, foyers or bedrooms. Some recommendations- Clary Sage by Sherwin Williams, and Mizzle by Farrow & Ball.


We have given you some great options to go and see what works best for your space. Please share with us, if you use any of these colorways, we would love to see! Contact us if you have home remodeling needs that are a little more involved!


Image: Benjamin Moore