Designing Your Room Addition

Love your home but feeling a little cramped? Need some extra space for that new hobby, an addition, or for entertainment? Making the decision to add to your existing home is not only a good way to increase square footage but also add to your home’s value. If you are in a location that you love, a house that fits your family’s needs, and do not want to hassle with the idea of moving, adding to your home is a viable and smart solution.

Designing Your Room Addition: Getting Started

Room Addition Design

Navigating an addition can be exciting but there are a lot of things to consider before beginning your home addition. Sometimes knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. You’ve made the decision, but where do you start? To begin this process, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are your key objectives for your home addition?
  2. How do I want the space to look?
  3. What is a budget that I am comfortable with?
  4. What is my ideal timeline?
  5. Are there any permits I need?

Focus on the Details

Room Addition Living Room

  • Consider your key objectives. You know why you want to add on to your home, but make sure to consider all the details. Inspect all aspects of your home to verify these changes will improve your lifestyle and home function.
  • What is your style? With an idea of layout in mind, go a little further and determine what style of design you want for your new addition. We recommend creating a “wish list” of things you want in your space (I.e., fireplace, kitchen island, built-in shelving, etc.) and a vision board of styles that catch your eye. Working with an interior designer is also a good idea when figuring out what style fits you and your space.
  • Plan for your investment. When determining your budget, make sure to include all aspects that may apply to your addition. Depending on the addition location and type, you will need to plan for: Site preparation (clearing of trees, grading land, and digging foundation), permit fees and change orders, landscaping, utility connections, materials and supplies, and labor. Setting a realistic budget will eliminate surprise costs that you weren’t planning on.
  • Prepare with a practical timeline in mind. Timelines for these projects can be tricky. Unforeseen circumstances can come into play that are out of your or your contractor’s control. Back-ordered materials or items, labor availability, weather, etc. can play into your finalized timeline. Talk with your contractor to get a reasonable idea of the timeline but be flexible and prepared for changes that may occur.
  • Plan for permits. You may need to apply for a permit if you are making any extension to your home. Knowing the permit fees and restrictions will help you prepare for your new home addition. This also includes knowing the city zoning laws that apply to your property, and assuring you are within those legal requirements with your new construction. Hiring a licensed contractor ensures you’ve got the expert on your side to handle this for you.

Designing Your Room Addition: Hire a Trusted Contractor

Arguably the MOST important part of your home addition is hiring the best people for the job. Experienced professionals understand and know the ins and outs of what a project of this scale entails. When deciding who to work with, ask these questions:

  1. Are you a licensed contractor?
  2. Do you have references?
  3. What types of additions have you completed in your portfolio?
  4. What is your process?
  5. Do you have liability insurance?
  6. What is your safety record?

If you are in the Central Ohio area, we are confident that we can not only deliver an amazing outcome for your new home addition, but we can work with you to help answer these core questions and provide honest and clear communication and expectations. NJW Renovations Unlimited is a licensed contractor with extensive experience renovating, remodeling, and adding on to homes in the Central Ohio area with a complete understanding of zoning and permit laws needed to complete your project. We work with the best architects and designers to collaborate and bring you exactly what you need in your new space and work closely with you throughout the entire project to ensure satisfaction. We encourage our clients to ask any questions, share ideas, and expectations. Our goal is to provide peace of mind during this involved process so you can feel comfortable and confident that you will love your new addition! Some examples of our additions can be found on our website here. We would love to hear from you and start creating the dream addition to your home!