Mi Century Bathroom

There are many architectural styles spanning decades that can be found in the Central Ohio area. Our city is filled with vintage and new residential architecture. When house hunting, they say you just “know” when you walk in. You can see yourself there, picture your things in each room, and imagine renovations and ideas to enhance the space. Once you see it, you know it. This is how our clients felt when they walked into their mid-century modern home. Surrounded by trees, this home spoke to them with its unusual angles and unique design features.

We asked our clients, David and Tracy, a few questions about their experience working with NJW RU and the process of bringing their ideas to life.

Mid Century Bathroom Counter

Client Q&A

What was the goal of your Mid-Century bathroom remodel? Was the goal met?

We wanted to open the space up—there were a lot of walls, and we were looking for more of an open concept. Essentially, we wanted it to feel bigger. We wanted a bigger shower, larger vanity, increased closet space—but most of all we wanted it to look seamless with the rest of the house. The home was built in 1967, and there are a lot of unusual angles and a specific color palette which we wanted to keep consistent. Our goal was met, and we are so happy with the outcome.

Were there any challenges or hiccups in the process? If so, how was it handled?

Well, the shower was originally supposed to open the other way and the water was supposed to come from a different wall, but it was discovered that there was a supporting beam in the way that could not be removed. NJW RU assessed the changes that had to be made and Stacey provided drawings and ideas until we found one that would work. Stacey pays a lot of attention to detail and really made it all come together. The situation was handled well with a quick turnaround, and they made sure we were happy with the solution. NJW RU just makes you feel comfortable, and they are so personable.

What is your favorite part of your new Mid-Century remodel?

David: I think I have to say the heated floors and all the lighting—which is all dimmable. I love the lights that are in the mirror—that was Stacey’s idea, and I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but I love the outcome!

Tracy: I just love that it feels like it has always been there, and it goes so well with the rest of the house, it feels organic and natural. I do really love the tub. We are shorter people and they advised us to go to the showroom and take a look at the tubs. We went around and sat in all of them and found one that worked perfectly with our heights. You can’t go to a store and sit in all the tubs, so this was a detail that was so important, and it was so nice to have this opportunity! The other thing I love is the detail on the wall behind the tub. The tile design is so great, and it matches perfectly with the rest of the space.


How did your remodel improve your everyday living at home?

We can use our bathroom now! We have been having to go down 2 flights of steps every day to use the bathroom and get ready after the issues first arose. Now we can just waltz in our own bathroom! That and we have more room and our own space.

What was your overall experience working with NJW Renovations Unlimited?

We really enjoy working with NJW RU. We are such big fans of Joel—he’s such a normal guy, doesn’t speak over our heads but uncovers all the issues and finds all the possibilities. Stacey takes great care of all the details—she loves what she does, and it shows. Alex was our project manager and was there every day. He was awesome, over the top, and amazing about making sure the space was cleaned up every day. We just really trust this company.

What advice would you offer to someone who is remodeling a space in their home?

Don’t be in a hurry during the process. Problems didn’t come fast but they were solved fast. Also, stay within the budget. We could have spent a lot more money, but it looks good and feels great. Pick one or two things you want to splurge on and be more practical with the rest.

Mid-Century Bathroom

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