2023 Kitchen Trends

2023 Kitchen Trends: A new year, new resolutions, new ideas, and perhaps, a new kitchen. If remodeling or redesigning your kitchen is on your resolution list for 2023, our advice to you is—let your creativity run wild. Kitchens are becoming areas of the home that stand out, make a statement, display artwork, and reflect the homeowner’s unique tastes and designs.

Always a place of gathering, the kitchen space is a great place to showcase your personality and because of that, there is an array of differing design aesthetics that are forecasted to trend in 2023. From soft and warm hues to dark and bold colors, it seems not a lot is off limits this upcoming year. However, with this vast map of options, there are trending materials, accents, details and layouts. Here is what to expect in 2023 Kitchen Trends.

1.Kitchen Islands that POP

Kitchen Islands have become a staple of kitchen design and can be seen in most homes if space allows. A popular design trend is to paint your island a different color than your cabinets. This adds contrast and makes the island stand out or POP when you walk into the space. Also, an easy and budget friendly thing to do if you just want to make a few cosmetic changes to your space. Butcher block Islands are also gaining popularity and can bring an Earthy warm feel to the kitchen. Durable and functional, you can’t go wrong when installing these attractive islands. Lastly, the marble waterfall island is gaining popularity and is a sleek and beautiful look that can complement the rest of your kitchen design beautifully.

2023 Kitchen Trends

kitchen trends

2. Creative Backsplashes

Unleash your creative side when you start to consider a new backsplash in your kitchen. In 2023, expect to see a lot of Marble Slab backsplashes that run from counter to ceilings, patterned tile with bold colors, and even wallpaper backsplashes. The goal is to add texture and pattern to the space—capturing a look that is unique to you and catches the eye.

3. Mix and Match Materials: 2023 Kitchen Trends

Remember a time when all the countertops had to be exactly the same, the hardware should all be consistent, and the wood tone should match throughout the home? Try to forget that. In 2023, design trends are very dependent on incorporating a variety of different materials, metals, and woods that coordinate, but aren’t exactly the same. This idea adds texture to the design and is often used by installing two different countertops, different wood cabinetry, and mixing complementing metals. Brass and bronze, stainless and nickel, marble and stone—these complementing combinations of color, texture, and metal create a visually rich space.

4. Butlers Pantries

A prominent design in the 19th century, Butlers Pantries are making a comeback in 2023. Traditionally a space used to store silver and allow food prep, here in the 21st century, these separate rooms provide the same uses and add function and separation from the main area that has now become a social location in most homes. A lot of remodels that include the butler’s pantry are creating this “little room” behind a hidden or concealed cabinet or wall, but they can also be displayed openly in your design.

5. Captivating Cabinetry

The trends in cabinetry include everything from open shelving, furniture-style lower cabinets, high-reaching cabinetry, and more. The design is the true trend. We are seeing more two-toned cabinetry (think black and white, blue and grey, green and blue) as well as soft light natural woods. Pairing this design choice with the right finishes and details throughout the kitchen, is something that can be seen on a lot of Pinterest boards, in home magazines, and retail model kitchens.

6. Statement Lighting: 2023 Kitchen Trends

When it comes to the lighting fixtures in your kitchen, be bold. Be brave. Be unique. Statement lighting has always been a trend, but in 2023, we are taking it to the next level. Large modern lighting fixtures, bubble lighting, and alluring chandeliers are replacing the can lighting and track lighting that can be seen in a lot of homes. Don’t hold back—draw attention to the lighting in your kitchen and give your guests something to look at!

kitchen trends

7. Concealed Electrical Outlets

Creating a minimalist clean look has been trending for a while now. Having countertops clear of appliances and other kitchen accessories is something that a lot of people strive for when remodeling, adding ample storage space for these items. Taking the minimalist look up a notch, designers and contractors are installing “hidden electrical outlets” under cabinets to reduce that look of clutter and cords when using these appliances.

Electric outlet

8. Vintage and Handmade Details

Incorporating heirlooms and artisan items is something to consider when decorating your kitchen. This brings personality and style to a space in a way that no material, appliance, or cabinetry can. As a place of social gathering, the kitchen has become a perfect place to integrate history, art, and creativity in a home.

9. Embrace the Smart Kitchen: 2023 Kitchen Trends

As technology evolves and advances, there are so many products that you can invest in to make your kitchen “smart.” Appliances that are controlled from your smartphone, smart touch faucets, and smart refrigerators are just some of the most popular upgrades. These kitchen add-ons save time and energy as most of these advancements are more energy efficient.

Now that you know the trends, it’s time to take action! At NJW Renovations Unlimited, we work with the best designers to execute the best remodeled kitchens and homes to showcase your style, the latest trends, and create functionality in your space. Call us today to get started on creating your perfect kitchen.