Since we are all spending considerable more time at home, why not take notes?

At NJW, your Columbus, Ohio home remodeling company, we know that what’s going on is all new… and uncharted territory. So with that being said, you can make the most of this time and put it to good use!

Grab a legal pad and as life happens and frustration mounds, take a moment to jot down what is NOT working within your home environment. If nothing else this might provide some welcome relief (venting tactics to survive), but it might also be a channel for forming future PLANS.

Are you experiencing traffic jams in certain places or spaces of your home?  i.e…Face to face collisions, traffic flow interruptions

-Do certain storage options just not work for your family?  i.e…Tupperware is falling at your feet every time you open THAT cabinet, you all know the one!

May we suggest, when you have extra time, consider what is really driving these frustrations.

-Can you reduce clutter? Take time and minimize now. Maybe make it a family adventure/challenge?

-Could you purchase cabinetry organizers to gain control? Online purchases are still fair game, and there are a lot of great options out there!

-Or is it possible a new layout is needed to resolve your headaches?

If it is the latter, NJW is just the answer! Let us brainstorm and develop some PLANS to bring harmony to your home. Together we can get through all of this. Stay safe and healthy and don’t be afraid to PLAN.