Huck House Helping Hand

A home that was built 117 years ago, has been a house of refuge, safety, and counsel to at-risk Columbus teens for almost 50 years. This home gained its new name and purpose in 1976, when it officially became the Huckleberry House, promising that “Our doors are always open. Huck House keeps doors open for at-risk and homeless youth in Central Ohio. No matter what.”

The importance and impact of Huckleberry House over the last 46 years has been of major importance to so many teens, adults, and families in the Central Ohio Area. In an average year, this crisis shelter sees over 500 teens seeking counseling, shelter, and a safe place to rest their heads. The shelter can accommodate up to 22 teens at a time with typical duration of stays lasting roughly a week within the safe haven of those old, sturdy, and caring walls.

Most of donations and monies that are acquired by the Huckleberry House are prioritized toward the occupants, programs, and the 70-member staff, which has left the structure to age without the updates and fixes it so desperately needed.

Helping Hand with Huck House: Giving Back with NARI

This year, The Huckleberry House was chosen for NARI’s annual community service project, with the goal of providing new flooring, paint, a more functional and open space, and an overall better environment for the at-risk youth. NJW Renovations Unlimited was excited and honored to work alongside multiple Central Ohio design groups, contractors, electricians, plumbers, and NARI to make this dream a reality. Over the course of 16 months, the various volunteers and businesses created a bright, vibrant, and inviting space out of a dilapidated, aging, and dreary 2nd floor.

NARI members donated over $92,000 worth of labor and materials to the cause and the City of Columbus provided a $26,300 grant to put toward the project, making the rehab feasible for the Huckleberry House organization.

progress huck house

Helping Hand with Huck House: The Finished Product

The second floor has been completely rehabilitated featuring newly leveled floors with luxury vinyl planks. The walls have all been re-painted with fun and bright colors that feature artwork that was voted on by the Huck House staff members and the youth residing within the home during the remodel. Some walls were removed enabling a new layout that includes a large gathering space as well as a new bedroom space. Knob and tube wiring was replaced, duct and plumbing were rerouted, adding longevity to the structure.

Huck House ColorHuck House color bedroom

Welcome Home Huck House

NJW Renovations Unlimited is so thankful to be a part of such a meaningful and impactful project that helps to sustain a place that is so important to our youth and community. Participating in the vitality of such a significant program is something that we will forever be proud of and humbled by. Serving Central Ohio through home remodeling and renovations since 1996, it feels amazing to give back to the community that has been so great to us.