Elements to Improve Your next home remodel Elements to improve your next home remodel: Home design trends come and go over time, gaining popularity one year only to lose appeal the next. Each decade has its own home décor triumph and failure, that feeds into the never-ending cycle of reinvention and change. However, there are also those classic design trends that never seem to go out of style. Light colors with earthy tones are one of these classic looks that are always high on the popularity list, year after year. Playing it “safe” by using white, brown, and beige can feel boring and tiring, especially when you see so many bold and different looks on your Pinterest board or in your friend’s newly remodeled space. However, we are here to tell you that those earthy “safe” color palettes are in fact, exciting, sleek, bold, and beautiful.

Contrast, Lighting, & Flow : Elements to improve your next home remodel 

Elements to Improve Your next home remodel

This modern style split level remodel exemplifies the beauty and boldness of earthy tones and effortless flow. The entry way sets a precedent for the flow of the space with open stairs and iron railings framed by simplistic and sleek wood posts. When you walk up the stairs the large open floor plan includes a living area, kitchen, and dining space. The white walls pop against the dark wood beam that separates the living area from the kitchen. The furnishing choices play nicely with the earthy palette, introducing blues, rose, and rust colors. Globe light fixtures over the kitchen island not only provides lighting but is a soft break from all the sleek and clean lines in the space, and also adds to the modern and sophisticated look of the space. Can lighting systematically placed throughout this open floor plan, drenches the rooms in light, creating a bright and airy room.

Secret Storage for the Win!

kitchen home remodel

Design and style are the most fun part of a home renovation or remodel, but when constructing these spaces, function also needs to be a top priority. This modern kitchen required smooth flush cabinets to complete the flawless and seamless look. To create storage and function, pull out drawers were installed offering ample room for food and appliance storage. Cabinets are equipped with pull out trash receptacles, pantry storage, cutting board storage, and more, housing everything this family kitchen needs behind closed doors, and clearing counter space to add to that clean, flush, and fresh look.

A Bright Earthy Bathroom: Elements to improve your next home remodel 

bathroom home remodel

Continuing the theme of browns, whites, and beige, the full bath vanity mimics the kitchen cabinets with flush doors and drawers in the dark wood stain. Across from the vanity is a bright white marble shower with black hardware adding more depth to the contrast that is highlighted throughout the entire renovation. Utilizing wall cavity space that became available due to enlarging the existing bathroom footprint, open shelving was integrated to house bathroom accessories and to allows décor items to shine. Decorating with necessities never looked so good.

When you are thinking about ways to update your home, earthy tones are consistently a classic choice. Do not let the idea of the color palette scare you as there are so many ways to complement earthy tones, create a sleek and modern look, and maintain style and uniqueness. At NJW Renovations Unlimited, we work with a variety of designers and color palettes to customize your home environment perfectly with your taste and style. If you are looking for a construction company that is attentive to your needs, thinks outside the box, and loves a challenge, give us a call and let’s talk about how to reimagine your space and your design.