Interior Design Expert

Before, during and after construction, the interior design is what makes a space shine. It is what makes beautiful craftsmanship rise to the next level—with personal touches and individual style that truly makes the space a home.  A true art, requiring the eye of an artist, the interior designer plays such a vital role in the home construction process. This is why it is important for NJW Renovations Unlimited to work with the best interior designers in the Central Ohio area. Interior Designers help give your home life and truly make it exactly what you want it to be.

City Park Interiors

Meghan Conrad Carey, the owner of City Park Interiors, curates beautiful spaces and homes with her knowledge, creativity, and ability to capture her clients’ styles in a seamless and timeless way. Her attention to detail shines through her work and her approach to each project revolves around her client.  She digs deep to understand their taste and style. We are excited to share some questions we asked Meghan about her approach, her business, and her experiences.

Interior Design: Meghan Conrad Carey, Q&A

What has been the most fun, challenging, or interesting project you’ve worked on recently and why?

My own house. Working with my own stuff and my own space has been a challenge. Committing to things and spending time on them has been difficult but rewarding. Setting aside the time to focus on it when I am working with other clients has been hard. I moved in December 2019, and I am still waiting for things to come in. It has been a long but fulfilling process.

As a designer, what is the best part about working with a trusted contractor?

Two heads are better than one. Second opinions and a second point of view goes a long way. Everyone brings different experiences to the project, and we can learn from one another. These other points of view help make the project so much better and for me, collaboration is always welcomed. I continually learn things when working with trusted contractors.

Can you tell us a little about the upcoming project profile in HouseTrends? How did that come about?

Yes, I am very honored and excited about this opportunity. We are hoping it will be ready around August, but the feature will be on my home and the construction and design journey that it has been. I am excited to show off my home and my taste. I used a lot of colors and tried to do some things that were more unexpected yet traditional to the architecture and style of the home. We gutted the entire home and added an addition in the back. We had to move a staircase and for most of the construction, it was uninhabitable. The home is in a historical area and the historical society had to approve all the changes which took some time. I wanted to honor the historical exterior of the home and take the interior and make it my own. My goal was to bring in newer things/newer styles. I incorporated green with a green sofa (out of my personal style norm), and I added wallpaper with color—punches of persimmon and orange throughout.

What is something you’ve learned recently?

I am always trying to find balance, but I feel like it comes with age. Letting go a little bit has allowed me more balance. Things usually work themselves out and instead of trying to control a situation, if I give it some pause, it seems to work out.

Can you give us an idea of your process when you meet with a new client?

Absolutely. We have an initial meeting where we get to know one another and talk through their project. We highlight what the client wants to keep because it is meaningful to them. Then we gather inspiration from Houzz, Instagram, etc. We look at details to understand the style they want to convey—rugs, fabric swatches, wallpaper, etc.

After the initial meeting, I typically can tell what they are interested in and what they may like.  From there I work to create options for them.

What is a comment you have heard or received from a client that you love?

My goal when I work with any client is to capture who they are and their style.  I take great care to listen and understand.  It is my objective and why I do what I do.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on with RU and/or NJW?

I really enjoyed the whole house renovation and addition we did in Upper Arlington. It was a very interesting home, and we were challenged with keeping the integrity of the existing home but making it more functional and modern. I really love this kind of project—trying to keep original details and styles while bringing in some new elements and tastes.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Meghan and City Park Interiors and we are excited to collaborate in the future. If you are interested in remodeling an existing space or doing an addition to your home, NJWRU is your trusted Central Ohio contractor. Working with the best designers and architects in the area, you can trust us to prioritize your home, taste, and ideas during your project. Contact us to start a conversation and see how we can help you update and curate your space.