Outdoor Living Space

We are always looking for ways to bring the elements of nature we love from the outside into our homes when designing or remodeling spaces. Whether it’s with an abundance of large windows letting in the natural light or copious amounts of house plants arranged around the home, we are consistently attempting to bring the outside in. Lately, with the growing trend in outdoor living spaces, we are now tackling the question: “How do I bring the indoors, out?”

Creating an outdoor living space is more than a patio table and a grill, it is creating all the creature comforts you love within your home, outside. This means couches, televisions, bars, coffee tables, lighting, temperature control, and so much more. You can transform your patio or deck to be an extension of your living room or kitchen and create a place for gathering, relaxing, or even working. Manufacturers and designers have developed products and designs that make it easy to have everything you are used to inside your home, available for outside your home.

Outdoor Living & Family Rooms

The most common design we see is an outdoor living area that compliments your indoor living space. What used to be benches and wrought iron chairs, are now comfortable lush sectionals and accent chairs. Here are some ways to achieve a warm and inviting outdoor living or family room design:

  • Large outdoor couches or sectionals with comfortable cushions
  • Accent chairs
  • Beautiful outdoor area rugs catered to your personal design and color palette
  • Outdoor throw pillows
  • End tables and coffee tables
  • Large poufs that can be used for seating or for an ottoman
  • Outdoor fireplaces for comfort and style
  • Televisions for movie night or to watch the big game
  • Light fixtures, string lights, and fans add to the ambiance and style of your space

Outdoor Living Space Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

There is nothing quite like a burger on the grill with a creative cocktail on a beautiful summer evening. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was right there to create your backyard barbecue? The task of prepping inside in the kitchen and then transporting everything outside can take a lot of fun out of being with your guests and preparing dinner. Outdoor kitchens and bars easily blur the lines between an indoor kitchen, with ample storage, refrigeration, and counter space. Here are some design ideas for your outdoor kitchen and bar:

  • Outdoor kitchen islands with cupboards, and prepping space to keep everything in one easily accessible place.
  • Outdoor sinks for easy clean up after meals or snacks
  • Beverage and wine coolers and refrigerators for items that need to be kept cold
  • Outdoor wood-burning pizza ovens – great for creating your own pizza night!
  • Outdoor cabinet set with gas grill, extending the counter space and storage, all with a sleek stylish look
  • Full stylish outdoor dining sets to enjoy your meal together as a group
  • Chandelier lighting, string lighting, and fans to maximize the comfort and design of your outdoor kitchen

Another popular design trend in 2023, is infusing all these ideas to create a living area, dining area, and kitchen space—the perfect outdoor oasis, leaving no reason to have to be inside on those beautiful spring and summer evenings.

Make it Uniquely Yours

Outdoor Shed

Make sure you don’t sacrifice your own personal style when building and designing your new outdoor living space. There are so many outdoor-safe products available to showcase your style. Be conscious of the elements and consider adding a structure to protect electronics and furniture from rain depending on what you choose to have outdoors. Otherwise, don’t hold back on your design must-haves! Don’t be afraid to add a statement mirror to your outdoor fireplace mantel, unique shelving, or a hanging seat. There are no limits to your outdoor living space—design it how you would design your indoor space and have fun with it!

At NJW Renovations Unlimited, we design and build outdoor spaces catered to our customers’ wants and needs. Through innovative technology, products, and designs, we help our clients reach their outdoor living goals. If you are ready to take your backyard to the next level, we are here to help! Contact us and get all the information you need to start your backyard project today!