In a time like now, where gatherings are challenging and we are constantly questioning what we should and shouldn’t do… NJW, your Columbus, Ohio home remodeling company, would like to offer some great ideas to get us through the holiday season!

Virtual anything might seem exhausting at this point since many are doing virtual things for work and school BUT we have found a few great ideas that might just help get you through!

Virtual Platforms:

Zoom, Webex and Google Meet

Fun games you could play:

Icebreakers- we found this list helpful for many different ice breaker questions, some examples can be found below:

  1. Would you rather be reincarnated as a cat or a dog?
  2. Pull out your phone; what’s your most used emoji?
  1. Do you fold your pizza?
  2. What fictional family would you most like to join?

Virtual Scavenger Hunt- We found some super fun ideas here, some ideas include:

  • Adulting/self-help book or adult coloring book
  • Coffee machine
  • Movie with Sandra Bullock or Keanu Reeves (Double points if they’re both in the movie!)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Selfie with your pet(s)
  • View from your window
  • Home office setup
  • Recreate a popular TikTok dance
  • Face mask

Virtual Trivia or Game Night

Here is a list of virtual escape rooms that could be really fun to do together!

Virtual Team Trivia– you can book a trivia session, which could be fun for everyone!

No matter how you gather during the holiday season, there can always be fun new ways to connect, we hope you found this blog helpful to get you started! Showing those you love that you care and that you will find a way to connect no matter the circumstances is the best gift you can give!

*Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels