Carriage House Exterior

A challenging and rewarding renovation we recently completed is located in a historic neighborhood of Columbus—known for older homes bursting with unique character and classic design. The homeowner was searching for a company that could check all the boxes on their specific wish list, work within a constricted square footage, and produce impressive results. Nestled behind their main house, sat an unfinished and unfurnished carriage house that was in dire need of an update. Out of this need, the carriage house renovation project was born. NJW Renovations Unlimited partnered with Crimson Design Group to transform this space into a livable area with a cabin-like feel, while still maintaining the modern aesthetic of the main house.

Carriage House Renovation: The Space

Located behind the main house, the carriage house is accessible by a concrete path lining the side of a swimming pool. A small set of stairs leads up to a pale-yellow door, inviting guests into the on-property getaway. Within the small footprint, the homeowner wanted a complete living space, including a bathroom with shower, kitchen, and bedroom. Although challenging, we were able to accomplish this yielding a combination of rustic and modern accents throughout the space.


ceiling carriage house


Stairs Carriage House

Upon entering the carriage house, the stairwell takes you up to the living quarters, and you are immediately greeted by the contrast of the white shiplap paneling against the dark wood banisters and false wood beams that accentuate the A-Frame structured ceiling. The flooring throughout is a lighter hard wood that balances the two nicely, adding not only another texture and color, but also an opportunity to accent with other lighter wood furnishings. A decorative, yet protective, cable railing helps to add a modern touch, as does the circular, drum chandelier that hangs above the small seating area.

carriage bedroom

Another part of the carriage house renovation included two skylights that were installed to let in natural light that works together with the white walls to brighten up the space. At the foot of the bed, the leather love seat framed by two tables doubles as a viewing area for the TV that hangs on the opposite wall. Built-in shelving maximizes space and storage while also creating depth and character. Using every inch of square footage to ensure comfort, a rectangular fireplace was installed for those chilly nights or to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Carriage Bookshelf

Carriage House Renovation: The Kitchenette

Settled in the small space behind the half-wall, is a compact, yet full-functioning kitchenette that really adds color and fun to the space! Bright turquoise cabinetry and crisp white and grey marble counters, push against a dark square tile that serves as a backsplash and a statement piece in the kitchen nook. Floating wood shelving adds texture, function, and a contemporary look that complements the rest of the kitchen perfectly.

carriage kitchen

Carriage House Kitchen: The Bath

Right off the kitchenette is a full bath that is grounded in the same contrasting design elements found in the rest of the carriage house. White subway tile against a dark flooring tile, lighter wood vanity with dark countertops, bright white walls, and glass shower doors keeps the bright and airy contemporary vibe and rustic charm alive in this space.  To ensure we made the most of the square footage in the carriage house renovation, every inch of usable space was utilized to obtain a sleek, functional, and vibrant energy for both the homeowners and their guests to enjoy.

carriage house bathroom

If you have an area of your home that seems hopeless, you may be surprised at what you can achieve in a small space. Although small, this renovation still appears spacious, elegant, and inviting. Our construction team works with inventive designers and architects that can develop your unused and dejected space into something practical and useful. We embrace a challenge and love reimagining a space to meet our client’s needs. If you are looking for a construction company that puts your wants and needs first, we can help. Contact us to get started on that project that you have been wanting to do, and we can make it happen.