Bringing Design to Life

Bringing Design to Life

Residential home remodels require a team of professionals with the ability to visualize the end result of a project. From the architect that draws the plans, to the contractor who executes the plans, to the interior designer who brings the project to life. Before, during, and after construction, the interior designer elevates the work of the architect and contractor, by adding specific details and style to the new space. Through customization, communication, innovation, and their artistic eye, an interior designer works closely with the team and the client to achieve a beautiful result. This is why it is important for NJW Renovations Unlimited to work with the best interior designers in Central Ohio.

Blue Designs, LLC

Rhonda Blue, owner of Blue Designs, LLC is a professional residential designer in the Central Ohio area with over 25 years’ experience. Rhonda is passionate about remodeling and demands attention to all details, allowing her to build up a successful business of repeat clients and countless referrals. Her beautifully crafted designs speak for themselves, with a vast array of color palettes, styles, and of course, details. We are excited to share some questions we asked Rhonda about her approach, her business, and her experiences.

Interior Design: Rhonda Blue, Q&A

Bringing Design to Life: What does your process look like when taking on a new client?

The first thing I do is schedule a consultation and walk through with a potential client. During this time, I will absorb their style within the home, and we will share needs, wants, thoughts, and ideas for the new or renovated space. Additionally, we will put a budget together that makes sense for the client and the overall design and development of the space. Once the budget is approved, I will begin designing with all the elements discussed.

The client is always involved with every step of the process. I will consider the architectural style of the home as well as the individual style, creating the ultimate customized design for the client.

What has been the most fun, challenging, or interesting project you’ve worked on recently and why?

I feel like every project is interesting, but currently, I would say the redesign of my own home. The house was built in 1956 and is original. I am working through each space and adding an addition to the home. Working through the design process and being careful not to over-build or over-design while still giving it a new style is a bit challenging and fun. I am focusing on the era of the home, and the community I live in and adding some architectural features and elements that will enhance the property and make it my own.

I have the ability to see the remodel finished in my head, it’s just a matter of bringing it together and playing with the different components. I love it when you can walk into a room for the first time and have that moment where your breath is taken away by the beauty and design of the room. It’s easy for a client to want to over-design, but it’s not about having “all these things,” it’s about the entirety of the space and how it all comes together.

As a Designer, what is the best part of working with a trusted contractor?

It is great to work with a trusted contractor because they speak the same language as you, understand all the critical details, budgets, and know the process.

What is something new you’ve learned recently—either for your job or personally?

I am currently learning by taking on the internal project of simplifying and streamlining my systems to benefit my clients and my team members.

What’s a comment you have heard or received from a client that you love?

It’s not so much a comment, but I love when they see the finished result of their space and their eyes get big and light up because they are so happy with the space. When they have that moment of “wow” that stops them in their tracks.

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on with NJW RU?

So far, I have only worked on one project with NJW RU and it was a wonderful experience. NJW RU has great systems in place that prevent having to backtrack if something comes up. They just “get it.” I was able to provide drawings and information as well as act as a bridge to the client. They help make everything come together with style.

NJW RU is professional and thorough, and they care. I never heard “we can’t” or “I can’t,” it was always positive, proactive, and refreshing. If something came up or was missing, they never pointed fingers, they just got working on it and fixed any concern without blame. It really was a delightful experience.

We really enjoyed working with Blue Designs, LLC and we are looking forward to working along side  Rhonda again, in the future! If you are interested in remodeling an existing space or doing an addition to your home, NJW RU is your trusted Central Ohio contractor. Working with the best designers and architects in the area, you can trust us to prioritize your home, taste, and ideas during your project. Contact us to start a conversation and see how we can help you update and curate your space.