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In life, we encounter people who make a lasting impression. They seem to leave an imprint on our minds and in our hearts. These people live selflessly and contribute so much to society, nurture profound connections, and make an everlasting impact on the people around them. Todd Schmidt is truly one of those individuals. Todd joined our team in 2021 when his company, Renovations Unlimited merged with NJW Construction. A partnership that resulted in the creation of NJW Renovations Unlimited has flourished and is responsible for some of the most innovative and beautiful home renovations in the Central Ohio area.

Todd started his company, Renovations Unlimited, in 1993 and quickly became a highly respected figure in the residential construction industry. With countless praise from his clients and co-workers, he continues to wow the community with his generosity, understanding, and beautiful craftsmanship. After working with Todd and Renovations Unlimited, clients continuously came back time and time again for any home projects that they needed. Not only has he successful built a stellar reputation and profound client list, but he also has developed friendships and partnerships that will last a lifetime.

Some notable praise from clients:

“After a highly competitive selection process, where a lot of promises are made, you and your team never over-promised, yet outperformed our highest expectations. For us, as stewards of a historic 100-year-old home, the desire to maintain the feel and classic architecture of our home was a top priority. Inevitably, through an extensive project like ours, you run into the unexpected. Throughout it all, we consistently found your team to be service-driven, solutions-oriented, and creative problem solvers.

…you always treated us very fairly on the many change orders we created, and you provided a lot of options and transparency when hard decisions had to be made. Ultimately, we believe the value you created greatly exceeded the cost.”

-Melissa & Todd S.

“We first learned of Renovations Unlimited about 9 years ago when we were redoing a bathroom in our home. From that time forward, we have never used anyone else and recommend Todd Schmidt and Renovations Unlimited whenever asked.”

-Kandy A.

In 2021, when NJW merged with Renovations Unlimited, Joel Walker, President and Founder of NJW Construction, stated: “We are thrilled to join together. When Todd and I met, we knew that by teaming together we would be better able to serve our clients and maximize the amazing talents of our employees.”  The work they were able to accomplish and the talent they were able to acquire resulted in so many exceedingly happy customers and beautiful homes.

Party Time

Event Center

We gathered together at Wigwam Event Center to send Todd into his greatly earned retirement with an evening of friends, clients, co-workers, memories, and of course, food! It was an evening to remember as we listened to the great impact Todd made over his career and time in the residential construction community.


Between the delicious food and savory dessert, we listened to many speakers as they shared notable stories and experiences of their relationship with Todd, including remarks from client and friend, Wayne Wookey. Wayne shared a speech that truly encapsulated Todd and his impact on the people lucky enough to encounter Todd:

“First – Congratulations to you Todd and to you Kathy on your decisions to turn this page in your lives; to open the door for more quality time with each other, with family, with friends and to pursue your life goals beyond the world of work.

Secondly – I am honored for this opportunity to celebrate with you and to publicly share a few of the exceptional experiences of being your clients, your friends and part of your Renovations family.

Everyone here knows that Todd’s reputation speaks for itself. Superb work, positive approach, total reliability, integrity, the ability to send skilled craftsmen into our homes who show the same care and high standards that are synonymous with the name Todd Schmidt.”

Additionally, Todd was presented with the NARI 2023 Chapter Community Service Award, for outstanding achievements and contributions to the community by a NARI chapter, a great honor for the perfect recipient. With countless acts for his community, as well as superb remodeling craftmanship, Todd earned this award, and we were so excited for him to receive it.

After over 29 years in the business, Todd takes his next steps into retirement. Truly a night to remember, we honored Todd with stories, accomplishments, triumphs, and well-wishes. We are so excited for him to be able to ease into retirement with the comfort of knowing how integral and special he is and how his accomplishments will live on through our work. Thank you, Todd, for your continued support, knowledge, and integrity, and remember your work family as you rest, relax, and live your best retired life!

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