Time to remodel

The 2024 housing market is comprised of high mortgage rates, increased home prices, and low inventory, making the buyer market challenging. Investing money in expanding or updating your current home will provide value and decrease the uncertainty faced with trying to sell and buy a new home.

If you have been holding out on a renovation or home improvement project, now is a good time to pull the trigger. In the past few years, we have seen a boom in remodeling projects, catering to new priorities within the home. In response to COVID-19, there has been an increase in remote working culture and homeowners choosing to create a comfortable upgraded living space to enjoy with family and friends. The convenience of having everything you need in your home and the space to enjoy it, gained valuable importance during the pandemic.

Time to Remodel: Breathe New Life into Your Home

Time to remodel outside

Spring is the time for renewal, life, and transformation. What is a better time to start your remodeling project? Bring new life into your home with updates, checking all the must-haves off your list. Spring and summer are great times to remodel your home, offering benefits that include:

· Mild weather conducive to indoor and outdoor projects

· Longer daylight hours allow contractors to complete your project and stay on schedule

· Moderate temperatures reduce risk to materials

Time to Remodel: Ready for a Change?

remodel time

When it comes to renewal and transformation, no room or project is off the table. However, there are renovations and remodeling projects that are popular during certain times of the year. When spring and summer roll around, it is a wonderful time to tackle outdoor projects like:

· Home additions

· Installing new windows

· Decks

· Outdoor living spaces

· 3 and 4 season rooms

It is also a great time to address those indoor spaces that need attention. Now is the chance to begin that project you have been putting off. Popular indoor remodeling projects in spring and summer include:

· Kitchens

· Powder rooms and bathrooms

· Basements

· Creating open floor plans

· Home office

· Mud room/laundry room

remodeling time

Benefits of Remodeling Now


Why now? What makes right now a great time to remodel? In addition to elevating your home’s comfort and functionality, when you remodel your home, you immediately increase the appeal and value of the home. Energy efficient appliances, updated electrical and HVAC systems, and upgraded insulation, are just a few things you can work into your project that will decrease your bills and increase your home’s value. Sustainability and energy-conserving additions are a high selling point in today’s tough housing market. NJW Renovations Unlimited is ready to take on your project and work closely with you to achieve all your goals and increase the value of your home. We are an award-winning design and remodeling team that has been serving the Central Ohio market area since 1996. We listen, collaborate, and implement customer-centered projects that have made homeowners’ remodeling dreams come true for decades. Contact us today for a consultation!