3 Season

A 3-season or 4-season room is an ideal addition to any Central Ohio Home. With balmy summers and sometimes harsh winters, these additions allow for an outdoor feel without having to brave the elements. Equipped with a copious amount of natural light through large windows, these rooms are great as an extra living space or dining area, expanding the overall square footage of your existing structure.

In Central Ohio, we see a variety of 3-season and 4-season rooms. As the name suggests, these rooms are usable throughout different seasons, but what makes a 3-season room different from a 4-season room? A 4-season room is designed for all seasons utilizing your home’s HVAC system regulating the temperature year-round. A 3-season room is not connected to the main HVAC supply preventing the temperature from being regulated with the rest of the home. However, a 3-season room is a more affordable solution and there are other ways to regulate the temperature in your 3-season room.

Regulating the temperature in your 3-season room:

  • Insulation in the walls and ceiling
  • Adding ceiling fans
  • Investing in a portable heating and/or cooling option
  • Thermal curtains for winter months
  • Install baseboard heating
  • Tinted windows for hot summers

3-Season, 2 floors

3 Season second floor

In this project, the homeowners opted to do a two-story addition creating two different 3-season spaces on the back of their home. Complete with deck space, this design enhanced the value of the home and provided several new spaces for entertainment and lounging.

3 season room renovation

With dark composite decking floors and a lighter cedar wood ceiling, the upper level of this addition uses various materials and tones to create contrast, elegance as well as finishes that will withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations experienced in this space. Large casement windows allow for unobstructed views of the landscape and the paneling within adds character. The vaulted ceiling is illuminated with can lights as well as a large ceiling fan, light fixture, adding comfort on those hotter summer days.


With easy access to the outdoors, a deck extends off this upper 3-season room, allowing for easy flow when entertaining guests or making dinner on the grill. Matching the trim on the home, the white railings line the deck leading to a stairway with access to the yard OR the lower level 3-season room.

3-Season, 2 floors

The lower-level displays consistency with the ceiling but becomes a different space with carpeted floors and brick accents. Sliding doors allow access to this lower-level portion of the home, which currently serves as an in-law suite, creating a walk-out retreat for these extended family members who share this home. The brick ledge adds character, and the almost floor-to-ceiling windows keep this area light and airy. Having these two options on the back of your home isn’t only a unique design, but also a smart one! This 3-season creates privacy and relaxation for multiple members of the family. And when or if this family moves out, can you imagine the possibilities of uses these two 3-season rooms could hold?

3 season lower level

Whether you want to add one or two 3-season or 4-season rooms to your home, NJW Renovations Unlimited can help! As a popular addition in our area, our team can create rooms that will fit your needs and complement your existing home. This favored addition choice will also increase your square footage, home value, and provide you with a way to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the elements. If you are interested in hearing options of how to create a 3 or 4-season room as a part of your home’s structure, contact us today!