NJW Renovations Unlimited experienced employee milestones and growth, new team additions, exciting events, and prestigious recognition within the industry in 2023. We took on the year positively, setting goals and making plans to reach them, accomplishing many notable intentions and aspirations. There were many moments of joy and celebration, but also bittersweet realities. So please enjoy this year in review for NJW Renovations Unlimited.

In 2023, after contributing decades of service we commemorated two employees as they headed into a much-deserved retirement. New trends emerged on the market offering us the opportunity to curate beautiful renovations to add to our impressive portfolio. We are proud of the level of craftsmanship and execution our team has achieved and the standards we set for the industry.

Take a stroll down memory lane with us as we highlight some of the best moments NJW Renovations Unlimited underwent in 2023.

Our Team in 2023

Employee Milestones in 2023:

Stacey_Hoffman_Year in review Stacey Hoffman, Design Consultant celebrated 10 years of service with NJW RU




Year in Review ReneeRenee Wilkes, Administrative Assistant celebrated 10 years of service with NJW RU



New Additions to the Team in 2023:

  • Shae Badger: Design Consultant
  • Scott Brown: Carpenter
  • Dan Finck: Job Superintendent
  • Trent Mayne: Carpenter
  • Chad Perry: Driver/General
  • Jeremy Strobl: Job Superintendent
  • Bill Tittle: Sales Consultant
  • Madison Walter: Office Assistant

Happy Retirement and Well Wishes to:

  • Todd Schmidt, 35 dedicated years of service
  • Jeff Fraser, 29 dedicated years of service

New Family Member in 2023!

Extended congratulations to Jasan Montgomery who welcomed his first grandson, Ocean Ray in August 2023. We are so happy for you!

Recognition at the 2023 NARI Awards

NARI awards Year in Review

In December of 2023, we were elated to be invited and recognized at the local 2023 NARI Awards. We were honored to bring home four awards in the following categories:

  1. 2023 Residential Exterior Under 50k
  2. 2023 Residential Interior 250k-500k
  3. 2023 Entire House 205k-100k
  4. 2023 Entire House 750k-100k

To read more about this exciting event, click here.

Regional Awards Winners Too! We are so humbled and excited to share that we are being recognized at the regional level in the following categories:

  1. Residential Bath Over $150,000
  2. Residential Interior $250,000 to $500,000
  3. Residential Exterior Under $50,000
  4. Entire House $750,000 to $1,000,000

Memorable Events in 2023

Columbus Clippers Company Outing

In July we hosted a company outing at Huntington Park for the Columbus Clippers game. Extending to the invitation to our trusted subcontractors, we had a total of 123 attendees! It was such a fun event, giving us the chance to socialize and spend time together outside of the office and away from the job sites.

Joel’s Surprise Birthday Luncheon

Birthday Cake

Video Surprising Joel

In November of 2023, we surprised NJW RU President and Founder, Joel Walter with a birthday luncheon hosted by the office employees.



Company Holiday Party

When the holidays rolled around in December 2023, we brought the team together to show and express our appreciation for all the dedication and hard work displayed from January to December. This party uplifted our spirits and reminded us of all the good fortune we had in 2023.

Now that we are into 2024, we look forward to the year to come and have already begun working on exciting projects! Each year that passes we learn a little more, grow a little more, and continue to serve amazing clients in the Central Ohio area. We are looking forward to what 2024 has in store for us and are excited to work with our subcontractors as well as architects and designers in our area to provide our clients with amazing results. If you are looking to join our portfolio of incredible remodels and renovations, reach out today and get your project started with NJW Renovations Unlimited!