Kitchen Remodel Trends

The kitchen is the top remodel project for most homeowners. This room is a place to gather, nourish, and to even relax with a glass of wine at the end of a challenging day. Infusing a sense of calm and warmth is always in style, but design trends evolve frequently in the kitchen with new appliances, innovative storage solutions, and materials. We did the research and gathered new trends in kitchen remodels for 2024.

Striking Range Hoods

The range hood offers ventilation and lighting when cooking on the stovetop, but it isn’t like just another appliance in the kitchen. Range hoods are becoming pieces of art and the expression of your style. From drywall to shiplap to metal, brick, or stone — design creativity continues to impress and excite with various materials.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends Range Hood

Shades of Green

Green has been a prominent color in recent years, adding warmth and earthy tones to a home. However, in 2024 designers expect to see a surge in shades of green, specifically in the kitchen, including wall color, cabinet color, backsplashes, or design accents. Green allows for bringing the outdoors in (another popular home trend), adding a pop of color, and inducing warmth and comfort to the kitchen. With many shades to choose from, you can make your kitchen stand out and still follow the trend.

Shades of Green Kitchen Remodelingkitchen remodeling trends cabinets

Stained Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets are back in style. Easier to keep clean than the once popular white cabinetry, wood cabinets offer low maintenance and beautiful results. Adding to this design trend, homeowners are adding contrast by mixing cabinet colors throughout the space. The cabinets within the kitchen island could be a shade of green, while the main cabinetry is a rich stained wood, creating a dynamic aesthetic and of course, warmth.

kitchen remodel

More Drawers

While we are talking cabinets, another trend is installing drawers instead of lower cabinets across the kitchen. Drawers enable adequate space for everyday items (think plates, pots and pans) and easy use and concealment of coffee makers, mixers, and toasters. Imagine not having to dig to the back of your cabinet for that dish or appliance you need daily!

cabinet drawers

Workstation Kitchen Sinks

Let’s face it, any innovation that helps reduce mess is a winner when it comes to kitchen design. Workstation kitchen sinks are a must-have for dinner prep and clean-up. These sinks have separate stations for washing produce, chopping fruit and vegetables, and washing dishes. Compartments enable function, less mess, and overall organization when cooking a meal.

Dedicated Beverage Stations

Having a separate area dedicated purely to beverages has been a predominant trend in kitchen remodels. It could be a bar area, a coffee and tea station, or just a place to have kids’ drinks (or all the above!) Disconnected from the main kitchen, these beverage stations enable family and guests’ accessibility and dedicated space to make and enjoy beverages while not getting in the way of the cook in the kitchen!

Induction Cooktops

Adding a seamless and sleek look to your kitchen, induction cooktops are not only visibly pleasing but also adhere to new environmental regulations concerning gas cooking methods. Reliable and family-friendly, these cooktops heat up and cool down quickly. They can be installed flush with your countertop, or they can be hidden below a countertop, concealing the cooking area when it is turned off.

Sleek Backsplash Trend

In 2024 the kitchen backsplash is extending countertop materials up the backsplash wall for an aesthetically pleasing, polished and smooth look.  This minimalist look may grace the entire backsplash area of a kitchen, or it may be sparingly integrated at range hood featured areas.  This look is even, flush, and shiny, making your kitchen shine and easier to clean up.

Dynamic Layered Lighting

Natural light has consistently been a trend in homes, especially in kitchens. Along with windows and bright daylight bulbs for canned or recessed lighting, comes the idea of layering with other forms of under cabinet lights, chandeliers, and pendants. Dramatic and dynamic lighting fixtures complement your kitchen and enhance the design. Popular examples include bubble lighting, boho lighting, and geometric chandeliers. Layering styles and mixing materials is an exciting and dynamic trend when it comes to lighting in the kitchen.

Pull-Out Appliances

Hiding appliances in drawers for easy access is one thing, but pull-out appliances is entirely another. Growing in popularity are pull-out refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashing drawers. These kitchen add-ons can be in conjunction with standard appliances OR can be functional all on their own. They can be installed to integrate into the existing cabinetry blending in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen.

Handy Hidden Kitchen Items & Appliance Garages

Closed storage is all the rage when it comes to kitchen appliances, storage, and electronics. Appliance garages are the pantry for appliances, concealing and storing appliances in a closed space away from countertops. Additionally, you can implement other handy tools such as integrated step stools, charging stations in drawers, hidden pet food feeding stations, and toe-kick storage in your newly remodeled kitchen. These secret storage areas allow for a cleaner kitchen and for every single appliance and kitchen tool to have its own place.

Now, the question remains, how do I incorporate my must-haves from this list into my kitchen remodel project? Good news, our team at NJW Renovations Unlimited can work directly with you to customize your kitchen and tailor it to every need you require. We work with talented architects and designers who understand these trends and how to make them function perfectly in your space. With our knowledgeable carpenters and management staff, we will ensure that everything is crafted correctly, giving you the kitchen, you’ve always dreamed of, with all the 2024 trends. Reach out today to work with our team and get your project started!