Established in 1997, urbanorder architecture is devoted to reviving, reusing, and rethinking architecture. Focusing on innovative design ideas that reuse the character and uniqueness of what a home already possesses, Steve Hurtt and Dean Berlon (founders, architects) take your home’s layout and reimagine it to become something you never expected it could be. While maintaining each client’s wishes and reflecting their personality, every single detail in your design is important and a priority.

NJW Renovations Unlimited has collaborated with urbanorder countless times over the years and most recently, they worked closely with us on a whole house renovation in the Franklin Park area. A challenging and hefty project that has come together seamlessly with the expert help and devoted partnership of NJW RU and urbanorder. With the undertaking to completely rethink the home and make it more functional, livable, and increase the flow of the space, urbanorder designed the home tailoring it to the homeowners including adding many features and solutions to the existing home. They love showing clients ways to use their space better, and this project highlighted that in an amazing way. We spoke with Steve about his organization, and his relationship with NJW Renovations Unlimited and gained insight into the magnificent work that urbanorder architecture does for their clients.

Steve Hurtt, Q&ASteve Hurtt urbanorder architecture

What has been the most fun, challenging, or interesting project you’ve worked on recently?

Really all our residential projects. We like to show people there are other ways to use their space better, so we often move kitchens, living areas, etc. to help them use all their space in a productive way. Reconfiguring what is already there and then also expanding space is always challenging, rewarding, and interesting.

As an architect, what is the best part about working with a trusted contractor?

Having confidence that they are going to follow through with the intended design. We like working with contractors that like to work with architects. There are a lot of design firms out there and that is fine, but we recommended NJW Renovations Unlimited because they are great communicators, we work well with them, and we trust them.

What is something new you’ve learned recently—either for your job or personally?

That people need to be patient. It’s not like it is on HGTV, there are supply chain issues, labor issues, contractors are overloaded as well. People are in their houses more, so they are remodeling. It is important to plan your renovation, your budget, and get on someone’s schedule.

What’s the best comment you heard or received from a client?

The best comment I get is that people love their space. Appreciation of what you’ve designed and that you’ve really thought it through. I love hearing “It’s better than we expected.”

What’s a favorite project that you’ve worked on with NJW Renovations Unlimited?

We have done so many projects with them for over 30 years, but one that stands out is a client we did several renovations for. It was a stone house on the river and the client wanted to add a greenhouse structure with a pool in it. It was another level of trust because it was a repeat client, and it had some challenges but turned out great. I am sure there are a lot that I could cite for this answer.

Talking with Steve, it is clear he can look at something and create a design that the average person wouldn’t think of doing. The ability to reimagine a space is critical to this work, and urbanorder architecture does that for every client. If you are feeling lost in your space and not sure how it can ever become what you imagine in your head—you may be surprised at the possibilities. NJW Renovations Unlimited can help bring it to life with the help of talented and inventive architects. See how we can help, by contacting us for a consultation!