Getting to Know Shea Badger

Since 1996, NJW Renovations Unlimited has delivered award-winning design and remodeling services throughout Central Ohio. Our success stems from our passionate, experienced team, each playing a vital role in achieving beautiful results. Shea Badger, a Construction Document Coordinator and Design Consultant Assistant, exemplifies this spirit.

Shea Badger, A Valuable Team Member:

Shea has become an invaluable asset after just one year at NJW RU. His diverse skills in architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings help shape successful designs. Additionally, Shea’s on-site field measures to review existing conditions of potential work areas have also allowed us to streamline the construction process.

Driven & Accomplished: Shea holds an Associates of Architecture degree and is pursuing his Master of Architecture (MArch) at The Ohio State University. Before joining us, he gained valuable design experience as an architectural assistant with PMH Architects & Associates and as a 3D rendering specialist with Home Direct, both operations out of Myrtle Beach, SC. He recently received 1st place in his class for a small-scale realism drawing competition, showcasing his talent, dedication, and experience.

Outside of Work:

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, fishing, and biking. Coinciding with his professional career, he also enjoys art, specifically drawing, painting, woodwork, and small-scale mechanical engineering. He also appreciates Russian Literature and can be found studying WWII history among other Eastern European and Russian wars.

Rest Assured:

We are extremely pleased to have such dedicated and driven employees working with our clients across the Central Ohio area. At NJW RU, we’re dedicated to serving our clients with honesty and trust, and with team members like Shea, your home will be in the best possible hands. Visit our website to meet the team and start your project today!