longevity room addition

Room additions allow you to expand your square footage and add functionality to your home without the hassle of moving. As a significant investment in your home, ensuring that your room addition can withstand the test of time is an important consideration when building and designing. Along with choosing a trusted and insured contractor, here are some ways to customize your room addition AND achieve desired longevity:

Invest in Quality Materials

There is a reason that historic homes keep their charm despite being built decades ago, while some homes can deteriorate quicker. Upkeep and maintenance are essential, but a critical factor in the longevity of these homes is the quality of materials and superior construction practices. Natural materials like stone, brick, and metal offer superior durability compared to cheaper alternatives.

Room addition materials

Set a Realistic Budget

Being realistic about the cost of your room addition prevents structural and construction problems down the road. Room additions are expensive, so plan for longevity upfront. This allows you to invest in better materials and design features that will contribute to long-lasting durability.

Environmental Considerations

We are fortunate to not have the worry of experiencing damaging hurricanes or ground-rattling earthquakes in Central Ohio. However, we have the threat of tornadoes, hail, high windstorms, snowstorms, and flooding. Evaluating the room addition’s location and potential environmental factors is vital in sustaining longevity. Using stable and durable materials and building practices to reduce the risk of damage to your home can go a long way. Proper drainage and wind-resistant windows are ways to feel confident that your home will not succumb to Mother Nature’s surprises.

Seek Warranties

In addition to using quality materials, using materials from companies with a warranty is another good way to enhance longevity. These warranties typically cover structural defects and aesthetic flaws, among other unsatisfactory circumstances, providing confidence and comfort in your investment.

Go Classic, Not Trendy

Avoid fleeting trends and focus on timeless design that never goes out of style. By practicing this idea, you will avoid wanting to update the room a few years later. Classic and timeless designs are typically minimalistic trends—subway tiles, earthy natural colors, clean lines, and natural light. The temptation to follow trending ideas is strong, but you can infuse color style with decorative lighting, paint color, hardware, and decor. Cosmetic changes are easy, but structural changes are more involved.

room addition longevity

NJW Renovations Unlimited is a trusted, insured, and knowledgeable builder in Central Ohio. With award-winning projects, positive customer testimonials, and years of experience, we can help you extend your home with a new room addition that stands the test of time. Contact us to talk with our team about how we can help design and build your addition to obtain ultimate longevity.